Swellpro Splashdrone 3+

The world’s first waterproof quadcopter

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Multipurpose Waterproof Activities



Search the missing or distressed people in all weathers and deliver useful life-saving packages with payload release mechanism.



Bring the waterproof SplashDrone3+ when boating and take spectacular sceneries and wonderful memories home.



Cast beyond the coastline with the most advanced waterproof drone and various of quality payload release systems.



Capture high quality 4k videos and 16MP photos using waterproof 3-axis gimbal 4k camera, in the rain or on the water.

SplashDrone3+ Base Platform

The Base Platform comes with no cameras. After being equipped with different camera or payload release systems, your SplashDrone3+ can be used for filming, fishing, boating or rescue. No limit, no worries.

Extended flight time up to 23 mins

5200mAh LiHV battery with low battery warning

Enhanced full-body IP67 waterproof

GPS module & lost drone location beacon

Up to 4k videos & 16MP photos

Tough & Waterproof

The whole fuselage of SplashDrone3+ is made from durable reinforced ABS material (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and ensures a perfect waterproof seal. Fly the drone whenever you want, and whereever you need.

Floating design

Corrosion Resistant

All-weather flying (rain & snow)

Quick installation & Strong Power System

SplashDrone3+ is easy to use and gives you various options when flying, filming, fishing, boating and rescue. All supported by the accurate sensor and powerful propulsion system. Your superman in the air and on the water.

Powerful propulsion system

Up to 65km/h high speed

Quick-release 2-blades propellers

All-in-One Remote Controller

Captured with a 5 inch FPV monitor provides the remote controller a bright and clear live view (800 X 480 pixels) and maximizes the ease of use. GPS, ATTI and smart cruise flight mode, all-in-one.

All-in-One remote controller

Flexible joystick/knob control

Various of flight modes

Flexible App Control, Free Your Hands With Easy Touch

With the extra Bluetooth ground station, the SplashDrone3+ can be taken control easily by mobile phones or GPS-enabled tablets. The SwellPro Fly App provides even smarter flight modes, which make your flight easier and cooler.

Follow Me

Mission Planning

Circling Flight

Tap to Fly

Fly Safely

SplashDrone 3+ includes multiple layers of protection to keep your aircraft safe and help ensure your drone comes home safely.

Return Home

If the controller signal is lost, the SplashDrone 3+ returns to the starting point and lands gently.You can also tap Return-Home on the app or flick the Return-Home switch on the remote controller to retrieve the drone.

Low Battery Alerts

Three low-level battery warnings protect you during flight.If the battery voltage reaches a low level, the remote controller will display a clearflashing notice for the pilot.If the battery level becomes critical, the drone will auto-land.

Lost Drone Location Beacon

If you inadvertently lose or crash your drone out of sight,you will instantly have the drone’s location pinpointed on the APP’s map, even with low batteries.(GroundStation module required).

Anti-shake Images & Follow Me Mode

The filming cameras for SplashDrone3+ come with gimbal and can shoot captures with free shaking, even for the moving objects. Adding extra Bluetooth Datalink into the drone, it could also follow you automatic under control by SD3+’s Fly App.

MrBojacks Edition SplashDrone 3+

High quality captures – See the world up and down