Cuta Copter Boss H12 Waterproof Fishing Drone Fly More

Cuta Copter Boss H12 Waterproof Fishing Drone Fly More


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The Cuta Copter Boss H12 is built for high-demand applications, offering robust performance and advanced capabilities for professional use. The Fly More Combo provides additional batteries and spare parts to ensure extended operation, making it an excellent choice for drone fishing and other heavy-lift tasks


Cuta Copter Boss H12 Specifications and Features


The Cuta Copter Boss H12 is a high-performance drone handmade in South Africa, emphasizing advanced technology and robust construction. It’s designed for demanding applications and tested for reliability, making it ideal for various professional uses.

Key Features:

  1. High-Performance Components:
    • Battery: High capacity 6S LiPo Battery (6S/5000MAH 22.2V 45C).
    • Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC): 40A, sealed in waterproof dielectric resin.
    • Motors: High thrust, waterproof, brushless motors.
    • Propellers: 15” high-quality carbon fiber propellers.
  2. Advanced Flight Modes:
    • ALT/Hold mode.
    • POS/Hold mode (Anti Pendulum Mode).
    • Loiter Mode.
    • Follow me mode.
    • Return to Land mode.
    • Come to me mode.
    • GPS Waypoint mission planning.
    • Click to Save (GPS position saved).
  3. Aircraft Specifications:
    • Waterproof Level: Waterproof seal on main electronics chamber.
    • Buoyancy: Level 2 flotation.
    • Weight: 1780g (without battery).
    • Dimensions: 455mm x 455mm.
    • Ascend Speed: 10m/s.
    • Descend Speed: 3m/s.
    • Flight Speed: 65kph (user adjustable).
    • Flight Altitude: Factory set at 40M.
    • Wind Resistance: 40kph (typical), 50kph (peak gusts).
    • Flight Time: 4 drops at 300M with 700gm bait, max load 1 drop to 700 meters.
    • Flight Range: 3 km (geofence set to 700M).
    • Payload Capacity: 5kg (recommended safe lifting weight 4kg).
    • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C.
    • App: Sky Droid GCS (Android only) built-in controller.
  4. Navigation:
    • Main System: CUAV Neo 3 with Ublox M9N satellite receiver.
    • GNSS Support: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou.
    • Backup Compass: Industrial grade RM3100.
  5. Flight Controller:
    • Type: NORA+ (PX4).
    • Microcontroller: STM32H7.
    • Processor: 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M7, 480MHz.
    • Memory: 2MB flash memory, 1MB RAM.
    • Sensors: 3 accelerometers, 3 gyroscopes, magnetometer, 2 barometers.
  6. Video Transmission:
    • Range: Up to 3 km (unobstructed, interference-free).
    • Resolution: 720P HD (1280×720).
    • Working Current: 180mA.
  7. Remote Control:
    • Weight: 660g.
    • Frequency: 2.400-2.483GHz.
    • Range: Factory set to 700M (max 3 km).
    • Modulation: New FHSS.
    • Current: 100mAh.
    • Channels: 10.
    • Batteries: 2 x 18650 Lithium (provided).
    • Video Transmission: 7-inch screen.
    • Camera: 720P HD (1280×720).
  8. Battery:
    • Standard Battery: 6S/5000MAH 22.2V 45C LiPo.
    • Weight: 743g.
    • Operating Temp: -10̊ to 50̊C.
    • Charging Current: 5AMP.
    • Voltage: 22.2V.
  9. Charger:
    • Type: 100W Smart Balance Charger (LiPo).
    • Battery Charge Time: 60 mins at 30% level.

Package Contents (Cuta Copter Boss H12):

  • 1 Drone.
  • 1 H12 Controller.
  • 1 Charger.
  • 3 Batteries.
  • 3 Bag Wires.
  • Carry Bag.

The Cuta Copter Boss H12 is engineered for exceptional performance and durability, with advanced flight modes and high-quality components ensuring reliable operation in various conditions. Its handmade craftsmanship and rigorous testing guarantee high levels of care and precision, making it a suitable choice for professional drone applications.

1 review for Cuta Copter Boss H12 Waterproof Fishing Drone Fly More

  1. Jay

    A Fisherman’s Dream Come True!

    I recently purchased the Boss H12 Fly More Cuta-Copter Drone and couldn’t be happier. Not only does it excel in flight stability and camera quality, but it also proved to be a fantastic fishing companion. Believe it or not, I caught a 5 lb fish using this drone!

    This drone is incredibly versatile and exceeded all my expectations. Whether you’re into photography or even fishing, the Boss H12 has you covered.

    Highly recommend!

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