The Cuta Copter Boss is highly recommended for its reliability and performance, particularly in challenging weather conditions and heavy lifting scenarios, making it ideal for drone fishing​ 

For more information and to purchase, you can visit the Mrbojack’s Drone Tech website .

You can purchase the Cuta Copter Boss from Mrbojacks Drone Tech. This model is renowned for its stability and performance, especially designed for drone fishing with significant payload capabilities

Here are some key features:

  1. Propulsion System:
    • High capacity 6S LiPo Battery.
    • 40A Electronic Speed Controllers.
    • High thrust waterproof motors.
    • 15” carbon fiber propellers.
  2. Advanced Flight Modes:
    • ALT/Hold mode.
    • POS/Hold mode (Anti Pendulum Mode).
    • Loiter Mode.
    • Follow me mode.
    • Return to Land mode.
    • Come to me mode.
    • GPS Waypoint mission planning.
    • Click to Save GPS positions.
  3. Aircraft Specifications:
    • Waterproof and surface buoyant.
    • Maximum payload capacity of 5KG.
    • Max flight speed of 65kph.
    • Wind rating of up to 50kph.
    • Flight time of 4 drops at 300m with a 700g bait.
  4. GPS and Flight Controller:
    • CUAV Neo 3 Ublox M9N satellite receiver for simultaneous reception of four GNSS systems.
    • Industrial grade RM3100 compass as backup.
    • NORA+ (PX4) flight controller with multiple sensors.
  5. Remote Control and Video Transmission:
    • Range of 3 km (factory set to 700m).
    • 720P HD camera.