The shear speed data is processed results in supreme flight stability, and this is especially noticeable when carrying baits in high winds. Triple and dual sensors are built in – Feel assured of ultra-reliability as redundancy is built in. Cuta is, and has been synonymous with safety and reliability, so it is only natural that we use a flight controller and GPS unit that will provide the best performance and asset safety for our customers. The latest M9N GPS enables simultaneous connection to all 4 GNSS satellite systems not just 3. In addition, the BOSS+ has a backup secondary compass! High quality assurance and pre-sale flight testing makes it the best fishing drone in the World period – Rest assured your Drone fishing has never been so safe, reliable, and fun.
NB: the higher the weight and wind level will reduce battery life and flight times.
The Trident BOSS+ is a one drop/one battery deal when lifting maximum loads